Sunday, September 4, 2011

Something has changed

Something has changed with the couch. Can you tell? Finally I have used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It was good. I did not prime sand or do any prep just as suggested .All that means to me is one step closer to finished. I used two coats of Paris Grey as the base. Then I sanded to distress. I then used Old White on top as a dry distressing technique. Never done that before but I just winged it. I kept a damp rag with me and wiped off what looked crappy. After it all dries I used a finishing paste wax and applied it very lightly. Then after it dried I buffed it off. It looks awesome! Can't wait to get started on the button tufting. It'll have to wait til next weekend. I am having my buttons professionally done (since I need so many....80!) In the mean time I am washing and bleaching drop cloths and going to start making cording. I need a lot of that too.

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