Saturday, January 7, 2012

First DIY of 2012

Cute custom camera strap. Ok I did it. I have made something AND blogged about it. Not exactly a tutorial but getting closer. I followed this easy step by step camera strap tutorial This girl can sewwwww
Super easy. (super easy? not for me but you get it) It took me about two hours and it is FAR from perfect but its mine! I think I will make one for my daughter to use on my other camera. YAY!!


Am I a blogger? Probably not. I started blogging because I want to chronicle all the projecst I do around the house. boo's house...duh. And I wanted to be able to share those with people. But it seems I can't really find much time to do it. Usually when I do a project I think about blogging AFTER I get started! Well... I am making a resolution for 2012 to blog at least once a week in hopes it will become easier for me. I am a complete and udder idiot when it comes to changing my blog and using all these gadgets, HTML and what ever else there is to know about it. I know NOTHING. But I am trying to learn. I did get a tip today from about how to add a navigation bar to the top of my blog. And I did it! Easy peasy. I did figure out I definitly need more tutorials and more labels. Here goes....