Saturday, January 7, 2012


Am I a blogger? Probably not. I started blogging because I want to chronicle all the projecst I do around the house. boo's house...duh. And I wanted to be able to share those with people. But it seems I can't really find much time to do it. Usually when I do a project I think about blogging AFTER I get started! Well... I am making a resolution for 2012 to blog at least once a week in hopes it will become easier for me. I am a complete and udder idiot when it comes to changing my blog and using all these gadgets, HTML and what ever else there is to know about it. I know NOTHING. But I am trying to learn. I did get a tip today from about how to add a navigation bar to the top of my blog. And I did it! Easy peasy. I did figure out I definitly need more tutorials and more labels. Here goes....

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