Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Queen

My daughter won homecoming queen two Fridays ago. The homecoming queen is supposed to be bestowed on the nicest,  most kind, caring individual and this year it is! Congratulations to my beautiful, sweet, loving daughter....

Demi Rae

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pom poms and potatoes

Sounds crazy huh? Well that's what my life is right now. I have told you before...ball games, cheer and band competitions, family in town, baby showers at my house, homecoming with a queen candidate, clothes, cap and gown, senior pics, service projects, presents, cheer shirts, homecoming shirts, homecoming cookies, extra work hours and meetings...just to name a few. 
 In my spare time I have been making tissue poms! Both for the baby shower and for the homecoming parade. These are so easy and cheap! Just check out Martha Stewart to get the tutorial. EASY! I even cut some of my tissues in half for the smaller version on the homecoming parade sign.

The baby shower poms are all sizes and so cute! I would definitely put them in my nursery!

Wondering about the potatoes? Well my garden/yard is my passion. (I seem to have many) I just haven't been out there much lately. But today on my yard tour I discovered the potatoes in one of my pots had enough to harvest! If you have not had fresh dug potatoes you are missin' out! They are crunchy like an apple and so good roasted with olive oil and Cavendars. 

More on my yard later.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Been busy....

The fall is a crazy time around the Chandler household. I am so glad that I finished my couch and chair before this weekend or I would have NEVER gotten it done. Family visits, cheer competitions, band competitions, crazy work schedule, baby showers and getting prepared for homecoming  has me in a frenzy. Not to mention late night ball games against our total rivals down the street from our little town. A ball game that was tied up in the last second to go into overtime...and a victory for my Ringgold Tigers has my body feeling like mush today. But so proud to be A Ringgold Tiger. Now lets do it again at the cheer competition and band competition today!