Thursday, September 1, 2011

Am I crazy?

Lately I have been on a furniture buying spree. I found an awesome french provincial set with couch and chair. This great find I saw through the salvation army window on a Sunday. Of course they were closed. But Monday afternoon I trucked it on down there and loaded those suckers up for $40! What a steal. So I am currently in a crazy process to recover them in none other than drop cloths. I have just about contorted my self into a pretzel uncovering this monstrosity of a couch (it is 7 feet long!) But in just about three hours I had it uncovered. And guess what I found? 62 button tufting holes! Here goes a try at that.

The Before....

The Middle....

 (check out the matching chair right behind)  Yummy buttons. I hope I can pull this off! Stay tuned....


  1. Ok, ok, I'm gonna be your newest FOLLOWER so I can see where you are going with this sofa.

    Thanks for a cute start to a blog!