Sunday, September 18, 2011

One down, one to go

This project has taken over my life. I have been work every spare minute on a matching sofa and chair set. I have finally finished the chair. I know the picture isn't that great.... but I'm done! The sofa is another story. I cut the material for two of the cushions to small. Ok, no big deal I'll just redo those and then be done. So I had a few pieces of another drop cloth from another project. I washed, bleached and dried the drop cloths but they look like different colors! So I'm off to Lowe's to buy one more drop cloth. Maybe they were different manufacturers?

(and ignore the unmade bed, extra fabric on the floor, glue gun etc... I have been obsessed!)


  1. Can you show us the before picture??? this looks great

  2. WOW! If your sofa turns out as nice as THIS chair-- oh la la! Very nice!

    Your Follower, in Northwest Illinois,
    ~Suzanne at whycuzican

  3. I'm seriously in awe.. please pretty pretty please post a tutorial on how you did these. I have a sofa (no tufting) that I'm trying to tackle. It's been about a year now :). I can't sew at all, so that does stall things a bit. Pretty pretty pretty please with loads of new chalk paint cans on top?
    The afters are fabulous- excellent work!!