Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oh...I thought I was in love!

I have been procrastinating when it comes to this post. It is a tutorial and I knew it was going to take a while to get it all together. But mainly I just don't LOVE these curtains. During this whole process I was so certain they were going to be great. Don't get me wrong. I did a good job and I did love them all the way up to the point when I hung them on the rod and stood back to admire my work.  I'm not 100% sure what it is about them I don't LOVE. I think somehow to me these curtains look sort of "country" and that's not what I was going for. Any suggestions are appreciated!
As for the goes.
 :fabric of choice, lining fabric, thread, sewing machine, scissors, decorative trim, stitch witchery, ribbon, curtain rods

These windows measured 42 inches in width. I didn't want my fabric to be TOO ruffly so I didn't double the width I just made them 68 inches wide. The bottom accent fabric (I wish was the main fabric now!) I measured 5 inches in length and the Polk-a-dot fabric 19 inches. No magic in the numbers, just make them both the same. I took one panel of the Polk-a-dot and then the accent fabric, put both right sides together, pin and sew together. Make sure to back stick. Do both curtains. Then I ironed the seams down.
Now flip those curtain panels over and cut ribbon and stitch witchery (iron on glue tape'll love it)  I  just layed my ribbon on the fabric and cut it. Then adhere with the stitch witchery and a iron.
Now for the tricky part. Well kind of I guess. The lining needs to be shorter than the front. Yea that's right, shorter. It will make the front fold over to the back a little so the lining doesn't show when the curtains are hanging up! So leave the curtain panel right side up and place the backing to it. Right sides together. I just used left over canvas from  my other projects. Fold over the actual curtain panel and pin.
You need to fold in right at the corner and then fold over. Just play with it til it looks right and pin it good. Fold up on each side of each panel and sew all three sides! When you are done sewing iron BEFORE you turn them right side out. This will help keep the main fabric folded to the back some. When you are done with that, turn each panel right side out. Then iron. Now fold over the top that will make the pocket for the curtain rod. I just did mine two inches. No magic numbers just do both panels the same.
Now for the trim. I bought these cute little poms at Micheal's with a 40% off coupon! ( I try to never pay full price at Micheal's, Hobby Lobby or Joann's)
I top stitched these poms right on to the bottom. I did pin them very carefully on first and when sewing i had to constantly adjust the pins and pull the trim tighter so when at the end of each panel I had a few poms left over. I also stitched with a zipper foot and very carefully. This part is a little tedious.
Now just add the panels to the rods and it's all done! 
Still some things to do in this room. We need a black furry rug, patch up some paint spots, do a good cleaning out of the junk! But that probably won't happen. This is my 14 year old daughter's room.....

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