Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Attic Door

Remember this?

 This sofa and chair set is AWESOME if I do say so myself! ;) The problem is I have to sell it before I can start my next big project. (more on that later) I found a very nice place to sell this set on consignment right before Christmas but it just didn't get enough exposure there...Poo
Things happen for a reason though. Now it is at the CUTEST shop close, and it's close to my home!
The owner Patty was nice and let me bring my set to her lovely and eclectic shop! Her friend Bridgette who has a room there too even trusts me to recover a chair for her! Can you believe it?
Anyway, if y'all are close to Dalton or Chattanooga check this place out. The Attic Door in Rocky Face.
Sneak peek of the set in the store...


  1. That set looks sooo good in that store! Here's to selling it quick!